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Dr. Pattie Gonsalves

Project Director

Youth Mental Health Group

Pattie leads a portfolio of participatory youth research projects and digital innovations on depression, anxiety, and suicide prevention. Pattie’s training and professional experience are in the area of global mental health. She holds a PhD in psychology from the University of Sussex and an MSc in global health science from the University of Oxford.

Pattie brings expertise in engaging youth with lived experience in research, evaluation, and public engagement. In 2016, Pattie founded the ‘It’s OK To Talk’ national public engagement campaign, recognised by Facebook as one of 2019’s top 10 international mental health youth projects. She presently leads programs including Outlive, which addresses urban youth suicides; Baatcheet, a study focused on addressing depression and anxiety among young people through digital storytelling; and Metropolis, aimed at advancing understanding about the effectiveness and mechanisms of problem-solving and behavioural activation as early interventions for youth depression.

Dr. Pattie Gonsalves
Project details

Peer-delivered web-based storytelling for youth with mental health problems.

Peer-to-peer depression support designed with youth, for youth.

Brief, scalable, early intervention in schools for emotional problems in adolescents.

A national youth mental health public engagement program.

Engaging and enabling youth to address suicide prevention in India.

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