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Child development

Sangath’s Child Development Group’s focus is on the psychosocial and environmental experiences that impact, shape, and influence the early years. The team conducts research and implementation projects across all three Sangath hubs to develop, evaluate, and implement universal interventions that can support all children while also designing targeted approaches to identify and support children who are neurodiverse. The group’s work ranges from exploring how early life experiences shape children’s emotional and thinking skills, developing ways to validate novel scalable digital tools that can identify faltering development in the pre-school years, designing interventions with linked training to support health and care workers to support optimal nutrition and cognitive stimulation in the first thousand days of life, partnering with parents to deliver interventions to support children with autism, and creating programs to support inclusive education and promote resilience in children in schools. We also provide clinical services for children with developmental and mental health problems. Through our work, we strive to ensure that all children attain their full developmental potential.

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Our projects


Evaluating a community based non-specialist delivered autism intervention.

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Implementing and evaluating a novel community-based pathway of detection and care for neurodevelopmental disabilities in South Asia.

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