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Peer-delivered web-based storytelling for youth with mental health problems.


2022 - Ongoing


Delhi, India


Dr. Pattie Gonsalves and Dr. Daniel Michelson



Baatcheet (‘conversation’ in Hindi) aims to co-design and evaluate a peer-delivered web-based storytelling intervention to reduce anxiety, depression, and social disability among youth aged 16-24 years. Baatcheet comprises a curated archive of English and Hindi personal narratives of anxiety and depression from youth in the target group, alongside evidence-based strategies to maximise behaviour change. Baatcheet draws on existing narratives from It’s Ok to Talk as well as new narratives written expressly for this programme.

Baatcheet is presently being evaluated via a study in New Delhi, India, to understand how the intervention is used and experienced.


India has the world’s largest population of 16-24-year-olds and mental ill-health is the leading health concern for this group, causing distress and disruption to education, employment, and community participation. These impacts have far-reaching implications in a country where youth productivity drives social and economic growth. Fewer than 10% of youth with common mental health problems (anxiety and depression) can access care due to resource constraints and demand-side barriers such as pervasive stigma. The use of personal stories offers a promising solution for delivering age-appropriate and non-stigmatising mental health support at scale. Recent research, including by our team, has shown that narrative health interventions can create meaning from illness experiences, learn new coping strategies, and connect with peers through shared stories. However, a major gap exists for storytelling approaches that actively involve disadvantaged youth in design, delivery, and evaluation.

Progress till date

  • 2022-2023: Baatcheet was co-designed with 50 students and youth advisors from schools, universities, and community-based organisations. Training and supervision plans were developed to train peer supporters (called ‘Baatcheet Buddies’) to support the delivery of the intervention.

  • 2024: Baatcheet is currently being evaluated in New Delhi through a feasibility study.


King’s College London (KCL), UK.


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