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Digital therapy aid: a psychological intervention for depression.


2023 - 2024


Madhya Pradesh and Goa, India


Dr. Ravindra Agrawal



PracticePal is developing a conversational agent (chatbot) designed to function as a 'therapy aid'. This chatbot will support clients by reminding and encouraging them to complete activities assigned by their counsellors (non-specialists) during sessions. Additionally, it will provide resources for clients to learn and review key mental health concepts discussed in therapy, reinforcing their learning. Building on the existing Healthy Activity Program (HAP) client-facing workbook, PracticePal aims to enhance the outcomes of counselling sessions through the consistent and comprehensive practice of planned activities. 



The main objective of this research endeavor is to conduct a pilot study with the following focal points:

1. To assess the viability of deploying a conversational agent as a therapy aid to enhance adherence to homework assignments and facilitate the acquisition of coping skills between sessions.

2. To gauge the acceptance of PracticePal among its users, specifically the clients undergoing therapy.


Progress till date

Our initial pilot study, conducted in Bhopal in September 2023, involved treating 30 individuals experiencing symptoms of depression with HAP treatment while utilizing the chatbot. Data was gathered to evaluate the chatbot's acceptability and feasibility. Presently, we are executing the pilot study in Goa, where we are in the recruitment phase aiming to enroll 60 participants experiencing symptoms of depression. These participants will undergo HAP treatment while utilizing the PracticePal chatbot.


  • Dimagi has developed PracticePal which has been integrated into Telegram using TextIt software



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