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iHEAR VaccinEquity 2.0

Understanding the behavioural and social drivers of vaccination in Transgender, intersex and disability communities.


2023 - 2024




Dr. Anant Bhan



Building on the findings of VaccinEquity 1.0; in this subsequent phase we are expanding and testing the BeSD (Behavioral and Social Drivers of Vaccination) framework developed by W.H.O. Under this structure the project is mapping the mental, behavioral social and institutional barriers that contributed to the vaccination decision among the transgender, intersex and disability community


The W.H.O. BeSD framework focuses on the needs of the majority of the population whereas the needs of many minority communities remain unaddressed. This project expands the original survey so it will be more inclusive of gender and sexual minorities and disability community requirements.

Progress till date


Progress Till Date

Using a participatory approach the team has developed the tool and started the data collection with transgender, intersex, and disability communities.


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