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Scaling up psychological treatment for perinatal depression and malnutrition.


2024 - 2027


Madhya Pradesh, India


Dr. Ravindra Agarwal, Dr. Anant Bhan, Dr. Gauri diwan, and R Roy



EMPOWER Infosys focuses on maternal and child development through evidence-based interventions like THPP and ASPIRE. By actively training ASHA workers in perinatal depression counseling, Empower strengthens mental health initiatives. Digital training offers flexibility, allowing ASHA workers to enhance skills at their own pace. In Madhya Pradesh, Empower supports digitally trained ASHA workers to deliver counseling sessions within their villages, empowering them to address mental health challenges effectively. With collaboration of  short videos promoting responsive parenting, caregiver-child interactions, early learning, and nutritional practices. These videos are used by Anganwadi workers during interactions with pregnant women, caregivers, and family members at Anganwadi Centres and during home visits, enhancing accessibility and quality of care in communities.


Perinatal depression affects 1 in 5 women during and after pregnancy, often going unnoticed and untreated. This not only jeopardizes maternal mental health but also impacts the development of the child, leading to potential issues such as premature birth and malnourishment. The repercussions extend to family dynamics, with profound effects on various aspects of life. In low and middle-income countries, approximately 250 million children under 5 are hindered from reaching their full potential due to poverty, undernutrition, and lack of stimulation at home. India, with 65 million at-risk children, faces significant challenges in cognitive, language, and socio-emotional development, affecting their future educational attainment and adult functionality. Early interventions during the critical period from pregnancy to 3 years after birth can mitigate these risks, as this phase is crucial for optimal brain development and resilience against environmental influences.

Progress till date

New ASHA’s are being trained in THPP 


  • Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of Madhya Pradesh, India

  • National Health Mission, Government of Madhya Pradesh, India


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