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A platform that hosts online courses on health research ethics, health communication, and social issues in health research.


2021 - Ongoing




Dr. Anant Bhan



DRISHTi hosts three courses- Health Research Ethics, Health Communication, and Social Issues on Health Research. They consist of pre-recorded videos and readings, which range from academic papers, to videos, and journal articles. Live sessions are also tailored towards more hands-on, application-based uses of the course material. Case-study based workshops in the Health Research Ethics course revolve around discussing ethical dilemmas that may emerge in a research setting. In the Health Communication course, workshops are more output-based, such as on how to write an op-ed, press release, lay summary etc. The Social Issues in Health Research course includes reflective assignments. 


The Health Research Ethics course was conceptualized in early 2021, against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, when the need for more ethical and rigorous health research was made apparent. The Health Communication course was subsequently developed in collaboration with Nature India to equip health and communication professionals with the skills of writing op-eds, press releases, and other public health communication. The Social Issues in Health Research course was developed to make researchers more aware of the social contexts they operate in, aiming to make health research more contextually situated.

Progress till date

We have run 4 cohorts of the Health Research Ethics course, 5 cohorts of the Health Communication course, and the inaugural cohort of the Social Issues in Health Research will be launched in April 2024.


 Nature India


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