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DRISHTi Social Issues in Health Research

A 6-week online e-learning course that aims to make health researchers aware of the social contexts in which they operate.




6 weeks

Fees & structure

INR 2000 (limited fee waivers available)

Last date to apply

Enrolments are open for the 1st cohort, starting in late April’24


Online with weekly live sessions


About the course

Why DRISHTi Social Issues in Health Research?

Health research never occurs in a vacuum and is embedded in the social context in which people live. Being sensitive to social issues strengthens the ultimate goal of all research: improving the well-being of individuals and communities.

To account for this gap, this 6-week e-learning course will enhance your knowledge and enrich your perspectives on various social issues, introducing key concepts, and their applications to health research in the Indian context. 

What will the course cover?

The course consists of 6 modules, spread across 3 themes: Introduction to Social Issues in Health Research, Issues in Marginalized Groups & Communities, and Towards a Socially Informed Health Research. The modules are as follows:

  1. Relevance of Social issues in Health Research

  2. Marginalization & Intersectionality

  3. Diverse Social Identities in Health Research

  4. Diverse SOGIESC experiences in Health Research

  5. Disability in Health Research

  6. Positionality in Health Research

Who can apply?

Intended for anyone working in health research and allied fields

What will you receive?

Certificate of completion

Information about earlier cohorts/testimonials 

None, since the 1st cohort is upcoming.

Discover the course architects

Amar Jesani.jpg
Akshay Jain
Asst. Program Manager, NCPEDP

Akshay Jain is an experienced lawyer and passionate advocate for disability rights, currently working with the National Centre for Promotion of Employment of Disabled People. His interests span areas such as law and policy, ICT accessibility, universal design, advocacy, project management, fundraising, training, and public speaking.

Amar Jesani.jpg
Sunita Bandewar
Anthropologist and Bioethicist

Sunita Sheel Bandewar’s engagement with health as a field of enquiry has been primarily via empirical research in health and allied thematics; training and capacity strengthening in bioethics, human rights and research; and legal and policy level advocacy in the broader domains of health and bioethics. Sunita is currently working with the Forum for Medical Ethics Society (FMES), Mumbai, and is one of the founding trustees of Vidhayak Trust in Pune, India.

Amar Jesani.jpg
Sayantan Datta
Asst. Professor of Practice, Krea University

Sayantan Datta is an award-winning queer-trans science journalist and children's book writer; generally, they write about science, gender, sexuality, caste and health. Currently, they are an Assistant Professor of Practice at the Centre for Writing and Pedagogy, Krea University, where they teach writing and communication. They are also a part of the feminist multimedia science collective

Amar Jesani.jpg
Rashmi Nair
Asst. Professor of Psychology, Ashoka University

Dr. Rashmi Nair is an Assistant Professor at Ashoka University. Her research has focused on experiences of group-based victimization based on various social identities such as caste, religion, and nationality, and examines the implications of people’s beliefs linked with these experiences for intergroup relations and policy outcomes.

Amar Jesani.jpg
Deepa Pawar
NT-DNT Activist and Researcher. Founder, Anubhuti Trust

Deepa Pawar is a member of the Ghisadi (Gadiya Lohar) nomadic tribe community and an NT-DNT activist, researcher, author, trainer, mentor and counselor. She is the founder of Anubhuti, an intersectional feminist, anti-caste organisation working towards development of marginalised communities through youth leadership and constitutional justice.

Amar Jesani.jpg
Amar Jesani
Bioethicist and Social Science researcher

Amar is a pioneering researcher, academician, teacher, and activist in the ethics field. He is the Founder of the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics, and has co-authored and co-edited 9 books.

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