Sangath transforms lives not only through research and clinical services, but also by building capacity through training programmes.
    An increaseing number of international and local students undertake internships at the organisation, taking away a mine of information through participation in various activities and, at the same time, enriching our experiences. The flood of registrations for our training programmes stands testimony to our appeal.
    Our service providers, GB members and consultants participate in and conduct a variety of workshops. Every year, we conduct the Leadership in Mental Health course to train participants in the rationale for scaling up interventions for mental disorders, the principles and methods of scaling up and the leadership skills needed to scale up. We have also conducted workshops and training programmes on Motivational Interviewing, Psychoeducation for the Treatment of Common Mental Disorders, Behavioral Activation for Depression, School Counselor Training Program and the Development and Evaluation of Complex Health Care Interventions.
    A wide range of institutes, schools and other NGOs invite Sangath to conduct workshops and lectures. We have carried out workshops for teachers on understanding learning disabilities, inclusive education, phonics and language development, positive disciplining practices and classroom management, self-esteem, child development, learning process, children with special needs and augmentative communication. For parents, we have held workshops on various topics including healthy eating practices, parenting skills, disciplining practices and understanding learning difficulties.
     Workshops for students have covered a range of topics such as life skills, study skills, career guidance, goal setting, self-esteem and nutrition. We also hold workshops for the community, mental health professionals, primary health officers, outreach workers and our own personnel.