Movement for Global Mental Health

To develop a website that will act as a global resource for networking, information and ultimately the primary resource for global mental health.
The overall objective of the project is to develop and manage a new website that will act as a global resource for networking and information on global mental health, and will ultimately become the primary resource for global mental health.
The specific objectives of the project were
  • To design and launch the Global Mental Health website along the lines of the major themes of the Movement for Global Mental Health (GMH), initiated by the Lancet group on global mental health as the vehicle to implement the call for action of the Lancet series on global mental health
  • To coordinate and manage the website for 3 years.
The Movement for Global Mental Health aims to improve services for people with mental disorders worldwide. In so doing, two principles are fundamental: first, the action should be informed by the best available scientific evidence; and, second, it should be in accordance with principles of human rights. The Movement is a global network of individuals and institutions who support this mission.
The Movement has emerged from the recent Lancet series of articles on Global Mental Health. Its goal is to implement the final Call for Action article of the Series which demands the scaling up of treatments for mental disorders, for the human rights of those affected to be protected, and for more research in low and middle income countries.
Project activities & timelines
The total time frame of the project was three years and was divided in three phases. Phase 1 & 2 were development phases and phase 3 was the management phase with an overlap between phase 2 and phase 3. Phases 1 and 2 were completed in the first year of the project, Phase 3 of managing the developed website, its users and editors were for a period of two years. Detailed activities for the 3 phases are mentioned below.
Phase 1
  1. Designing the draft architecture of the website and collating together the materials from all the website editors.
  2. Finalizing the features needed to be used in the website.
  3. Developing a tender specifications document to provide to the website designing agencies to request quotations for website development.
  4. Designing the website layout with detailed links and style using a computer program for e.g. Microsoft word or PowerPoint.
Phase 2
  1. Obtaining approvals for sub-contracting the website design task, following the procedural guidelines of Sangath
  2. Contracting a web designing agency to design the website and train the web manager who will be responsible for updating the website during the project period.
  3. Developing a detailed document consisting of website details, features, terms and conditions, timelines, costs, payment details etc as a supporting document agreed and signed off between the two parties.
  4. Developing and testing the website offline for content, features and databases connected to the website.
  5. Uploading the website and testing it online for all its features, content and ensure functionality of online forms for registration etc.
  6. Training web manager on updating and other technical issues related with to the site.
Phase 3
  1. Managing the website by means of providing regular updates on the websites and to the users registered on the website.
  2. Coordinating with the web editors on issues related to website content.
  3. Website will be updated on a regular basis and the updates received will be uploaded on the website within 30 working days.
  4. Managing the databases consisting of information submitted online by users and making this information available if needed to the web editors and others involved.
The Movement was launched on October 10, 2008. For more information please visit Follow us on Twitter@MGMentalHealth