Chronic Disease Risk Factor

Scope of the project:
India accounts for one sixth of the global population and with rising life expectancy, the number of older individuals specially, is likely to increase substantially.
    Due to this, India is experiencing an epidemic of chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes and coronary heart disease, largely attributable to exposure to various risk factors and life style changes.
    This is a pilot project to study the feasibility of setting up a cohort to study chronic disease risk factors in a rural area in Goa.

1. To estimate the prevalence of household and
individual CDRF and outcomes, and to describe
the responses to illness and health care
decision-making.2. To evaluate the adequacy of diagnosis and
  treatment of CDRF in India.3. To study the feasibility, acceptability and validation of:
  • An interview schedule for CDRF
  • Point-of-care-diagnostic tools for various biomarkers
  • Use of netbooks for field work
  • Validation of simple questionnaire assessments of physical activity,dietary assessments with objective physical measures and biomarkers
4. To establish research teams and infrastructure
at  the different study sites for CDRF research
and scaling up with increased sample size and
long-term follow up.

The Chronic Diseases Risk Factors project has completed entry of data and is analysing the COPD substudy information. The team is completing a report to be submitted to the South Asia Network for Chronic Diseases.

The aim of the project was to evaluate the prevalence of chronic disease risk factors among individuals and households and also the adequacy of diagnosis and treatment of chronic disease in the region.