The Women Aloud Video-blogging for Empowerment (WAVE) Project is conceptualised by Sapna Shahani and Angana Jhaveri for the Digital Media and Learning competition sponsored by the MacArthur Foundation and HASTAC.
It aims to empower young women from various socio-economic backgrounds, from every state in India, to use video as a tool for expressing perspectives about development.
These videos are published on the WAVE website, which was launched on International Women’s Day – March 08, 2010.
Fifty selected candidates underwent intensive training in video production, web skills and community development issues. After the training women were asked to produce one video of 2-5 minutes per month for the collective video blog.
Sulochana Pednekar, who has been with Sangath for several years, was selected as a primary candidate from Goa. She has been producing videos related to women’s reproductive health.
This is the first Indian women’s video blog and WAVE hopes to create a global communication platform to discuss how community issues impact women in India.
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