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A Physician’s Guide to Medically Unexplained Symptoms
Authors: Dr Vikram Patel (MRC Psych, PhD), Dr Ashit Sheth (MD, DPM)
This manual is for doctors. It can be used as a guide to treat patients with medically unexplained symptoms like sleep problems, tiredness, headaches, chest pain and backaches.
(Price Rs. 50)

STI/RTI Research Methods in India: Problems and Sloutions (Proceedings of a Workshop jointly organized by Sangath, Goa and Population Council, New Delhi

This book is written for researchers in the field of STI/RTI, in order to help them improve research findings. This book contains chapter on epidemiology, improving the validity of data, addressing the ethical issues, improving comparability and developing an RTI/STI research network.
(Price Rs. 150)

Helping a Child with Learning Difficulties
This is a manual developed for training on learning disabilities, covering all basic issues on learning disabilities like assessment, remediation, and individualized education programs.
(Price Rs. 300)

Basic Skills in Counseling (VCD)
Producer – Reach-Sangath
Directed by – Daegal Godinho
Script written by – Gracy Andrew
Duration – 25mins

The counselling skills of attending behaviour, empathy, paraphrasing, clarifying, questioning and summarising are covered with good and bad practice and explanations of the usefulness of each skill.
(Price Rs. 250)

Where There Is No Psychiatrist
Author: Prof Vikram Patel
This book is a practical manual about mental health care for the community health worker, the primary care nurse, the social worker and the primary care doctor, particularly in developing countries.
(Price Rs. 300)

Common Mental Disorders in General Health Care
Author: Prof Vikram Patel

This is a report that contains reprints of five publications on common mental disorders based on research in India, and highlights the prevalence, concepts, clinical features detection, and treatment of common mental disorders. We have disseminated about a 1300 copies of this report to psychiatrists across the country.
(Price Rs. 100)

Child Development Handouts
(English and Konkani)
This is a set of 55 handouts on child health, developmental problems and parenting issues.
(Price Rs. 225)

Health Needs of Adolescents: A Study from Goa
Authors: Gracy Andrew, Prof Vikram Patel
This is the 2nd edition of “Health Needs of Adolescents???.  The book is a report of a study on health needs of adolescents in Goa. The primary objective of the study was to elicit health priorities and needs as expressed by adolescents and teachers.
(Price Rs. 75)

Police Training Manual
Authors: Albertina Almeida, Fiona Dias Saxena
This is a simple and easy to follow manual for police personnel on dealing with victims of trauma and family violence. It describes the approach and the process to be followed in interviewing such victims. This has been reprinted.
(Price Rs. 50)

Autism – Hope and Help
This  is a manual for parents and guardians of children with autism.
Various chapters are devoted to important issues such as autism spectrum disorder, teaching methods, sexuality, etc.
(Price Rs. 100)

Barefoot Counseling
Authors: Fiona Dias Saxena and Gracy Andrew
This is a reference manual has evolved from treatment of patients with depression and counseling victims of violence. The manual has three sections. The first section deals with the general nature of counseling, its characteristics and the essential skills of counseling.

The second section describes the cycle of depression and anxiety, its symptoms, and how one detects depression at community level. The third section deals with interventions that community workers can do, how he or she can help and whom to approach for help when necessary.
Published in English and Marathi.
(Price Rs. 75)

The State of Goa’s Health
In association with Voluntary Health Association of India (VHAI)
Edited by: Prof Vikram Patel, Rinea Dourado, Dr. Nandita de Souza, Fiona Dias Saxena

The State of Goa’s Health describes the public health priorities and recommendations for the people of Goa. The book documents the health situation in Goa with a view to planning future strategies.  The book mainly covers three areas: vulnerable groups in Goa, lifestyles and health, and ethics & quality of care. The book is an outcome of contributions from health professionals, academics, social activists, media persons and politicians from the state.
(Price Rs. 70)

All for Teens
Authors: Gracy Andrew, Sumedha Belokar, Mahalaxmi Bhobe, Dr Nandita de Souza, Prof Vikram Patel, Fiona Dias Saxena

“All For Teens??? a set of handouts for adolescents, parents and teachers was developed. The handouts cover various issues of concern to teenagers. The response to the handouts has been good particularly from teachers. These handouts are also being distributed to teenage clients and their parents at Sangath.
Published in English and Marathi.
(Price Rs. 100)

Learning Disabilities – Looking Beyond. (Training Manual)

This Training Manual is developed to empower teachers with skills that can be used to help the children with learning difficulties.

Contributors: Dr Nandita de Souza, Dr Martia Adam, Sujata Noronha, Liesl Barreto, Prachi Khandeparkar, Ritwika Sinha
(Price Rs. 100)

Down syndrome – Reaching Out
“Down syndrome – Reaching Out” is a manual for parents and guardians of children with Down syndrome.
It covers various topics such as teaching the child language and communication, genetic counseling, etc.
(Price Rs. 100)

Period Pains
This book is for parents and their daughters, above the age of 12, who should know about menstruation cycles.
(Available in English and Marathi)
Author: Ashwin Tombat
(Price Rs. 125)

Period Pains
This book is for parents and their daughters, above the age of 12, who should know about menstruation cycles.
(Available in English and Marathi)
Author: Ashwin Tombat
(Price Rs. 125)

The Teacher’s Toolkit
Authors: Gracy Andrew, Dr Nandita de Souza, Sujata Noronha, Nazneen Sarosh-Rebelo
“The Teacher’s Toolkit” is an informative guide for primary school teachers, which addresses behavioral and developmental difficulties in the classroom.
It is filled with practical information about dealing with issues such as scholastic backwardness, discipline and building self-esteem in school children. Various strategies in behavior modification, remedial education, language enrichment and improving school environments are described.
(Price Rs. 100)

A School Counsellor Casebook
Authors: Vikram Patel, Lisa Aronson, Gauri Divan
This casebook is intended to provide a solid foundation for counselling practice in schools. It is an accessible guide, training tool and resource for school counsellors, clinical supervisors of counsellors, educational and clinical psychologists, school principals and teachers, social workers and other mental health professionals and supervised paraprofessionals working in all countries to provide mental health services to school-going youth (grades K-12, age 6-18 years)

(Price Rs 550 August 2013)


A set of manuals and guides to help anyone involved in counselling people with a mental health problem – in particular those with depression and harmful/dependent drinking – in primary care settings.

(Free online version)


Editors: Divya Rajaraman, Vikram Patel, Sachin Shinde

School Health Promotion: Case Studies from India offers evidence-based insights and recommendations to those engaged in addressing the social determinants of health at the school level. The book provides an overview of school healthpromotion and adolescent health in India, and presents case studies of four programmes: SHAPE, UDAAN, Drishti and Prayatna. The case studies provide valuable lessons for strengthening existing programmes and developing new approaches.

(Free online version)


Author: Dr. Gauri Divan
Editors: Carol Taylor and Catherine Aldred

The Parent mediated intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorders in South Asia; the PASS intervention is a systematically adapted social communication intervention for children with Autism, based on the original Preschool Autism Communication Therapy ( UK). It is a low intensity video feedback intervention which can be delivered by non-specialists under supervision form trained experts.