South Asia Hub for Advocacy, Education and Research in mental health

Sangath is part of the NIMH Collaborative Hub for International Research on Mental Health Research called SHARE (South Asian Hub for Advocacy, Research and Education on mental health) whose long-range goal is to establish a collaborative network of institutions in South Asia to carry out and utilise research that answers policy relevant questions related to reducing the treatment gap for mental disorders in the region.
Partner institutions include the Centre for Global Mental Health (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and UK’s Institute of Psychiatry), the University of Liverpool (UK), the Public Health Foundation of India, Sangath (India), Institute of Psychiatry, Human Development Research Foundation (Pakistan), John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (US) and a network of about a dozen research institutions and NGOs in India, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.
SHARE will be implemented through a partnership between academic leaders in global mental health, innovators in mental health services research, civil society stakeholders and policy makers.
Sangath’s research project to provide peer-delivered counselling to mothers with depression is being implemented through the SHARE programme. SHARE’s capacity building component awards studentships to candidates from partner institutions to attend Sangath courses (Leadership in Mental Health course and the Complex Intervention course). In addition, Sangath staff will act as mentors to young researchers who are awarded SHARE fellowships to conduct research in the region.