Table 1: Project data description table

Project name Stree Arogya Shodh (SAS)
Objective To investigate the relationship between common gynecological symptoms, reproductive tract infections and psychosocial factors in Goa.
Dates Oct 2000 to Sept 2006
Principal Investigator Prof Vikram Patel
Sites The catchment area of the Aldona Primary Health Centre in North Goa.
Study Design Cohort study
Sample Description 3000 women, aged 18-45 were randomly selected from the community.
Sample size 3000 women
Recruitment (number of participants) 2494 of 3000 randomly selected women were recruited
Follow ups, number of follow ups and number completed follow ups 2 Follow ups, 2316 at 6 months (first follow up); & 2167 at 12 months (second follow up)
Intervention arm details – number of participants NA
Codebook available No
List of instruments used CISR (diagnostic interview for common mental disorders); Socio-Economic data; Cost of illness;  RTI diagnoses; Hemoglobin; Gynecological morbidity; Gynecological examination schedule.
Database type (e.g. Excel 2003, SPSS 16) SPSS 12
Database description (briefly describe the variables provided in the database) Each woman was interviewed about her health and personal life, offered a gynaecological examination and was asked to provide a finger-prick sample of blood (haemoglobin estimation) and vaginal or urine specimens for the diagnosis of Reproductive Tract Infections (RTIs).
Funder The Wellcome Trust, UK through the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Collaborating institutions London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UK, Directorate of Health Services(DHS) Government of Goa

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