To identify the mental health needs of women and children who have been trafficked and to build the capacity of NGO’s and government agencies working with trafficked women and children in the area of mental health.

Through our experiences in working with family violence, a need was felt to address the mental health of vulnerable women and children who are victims of abuse and exploitation.

There are many NGO’s working with trafficked women and children, but few address their mental health needs. Sangath was invited to share its expertise with other NGO’s and government personnel through capacity building workshops and trainings to achieve a holistic approach for working with the individual.

Intensive capacity building of Sangath staff has been carried out since February 2006 under the supervision of Dr Achal Bhagat, a New Delhi based psychiatrist. Sangath now plans to train other NGO’s working in Goa to build their capacity for mental health interventions.

Helping survivors of trafficking is a daunting task and Sangath hopes to contribute to this important area by promoting the health of one of the most vulnerable groups in Goa.