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  • (For each job provide the following details: Where, dates, and role)

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    When would you prefer your internship to start and end? (The ideal minimum period for an internship is 3 months for the intern to make the best of the experience. Anyone applying for a shorter period is less likely to be successful)
  • Tell us in which areas you are interested to work in (below are a list of some of our activities):
    • Communications: website content development, social media management, newsletter production, video production, curation of photo library, etc.
    • Organizational/Project level Administration:office administration, documentation of project-related activities, translation of documents/other language support, coordination of events in the organisation, fund raising, organisation of workshops, etc.
    • Research activities: proposal development, protocol development,project management, data collection, data analysis, data management, knowledge synthesis, literature review, manuscript preparation, dissemination of research for the public, etc.
    • Clinical activities: psychological assessments and treatments, manual development, etc.
    • Other: library, information technology, finance, etc.

  • Specific project-work
    If you are interested in working in a specific project then fill the following grid based on your preference (refer to the Sangath website for details-
  • The supervisor will provide overall guidance and support during your internship period. You may choose a supervisor based on your matched background/interests, and ideally email them in advance to ascertain their availability and interest. Please mention if a supervisor has already agreed to accept you as an intern. Details of people at Sangath can be found here
  • (Based on your interests, indicate which tasks would you primarily engage in)
  • (Summarize your previous work/internship experience. You may also emphasize on special skills and qualifications you have acquired from employment, previous volunteer work, academic training, or through other activities. Please mention separately experience for each of the interest areas you have selected above)
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  • Our Policy

    Internships will be offered subject to availability of appropriate work/supervisor.

    Sangath does not provide any stipend, accommodation or insurance cover for the duration of the internship.

    After an offer of internship is made, the internship will commence only after submission of relevant documentation sought by Sangath admin.

    It is mandatory for all foreign interns to apply for an Employment Visa to be eligible to intern in Sangath.

    It is the responsibility of the intern and his/her allocated supervisor to draw up an appropriate work plan for the internship.

    Sangath will allocate the intern with office space. Interns are requested to carry their own laptop.

    Thank you for completing this application form and for your interest in working with us. If you have any queries, please contact us at or 0091-9552530557.

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