Sangath Clinical Services


  • A multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists, developmental pediatrician and occupational therapist provide the services all under one roof.
  • Psychosocial services are provided for a wide spectrum of mental health problems ranging from child developmental disorders to depression and alcohol dependency problems.
  • Diagnostic assessments provided for childhood and adolescent disorders and behavioural problems.
  • Psychosocial therapy provided for the following health conditions: Developmental problems, Academic, behavioural and emotional difficulties, Depression, anxiety, stress-related problems, emotional trauma and alcohol related problems, Marital, relationship and family problems (including child custody matters), Grief and loss.
  • Both psychotherapy and medical therapy is provided as per client’s needs.
  • The Sangath clinical services is strengthened by its rich experience of more than 10 years and internationally acclaimed evidence based psychosocial interventions for mental health.
  • Sangath’s core clinical activities cover the whole life span ranging from children to the elderly.
  • Our clinicians are multilingual and capable of providing clinical services in English, Konkani, Marathi and Hindi.
  • All clinicians at Sangath are supervised by experts in the field of mental health to ensure the quality of services provided.
  • Centres located at both North Goa (Succoro, Porvorim) and South Goa (Raia).
  • You can meet a clinician any time of the day from Monday to Friday between 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. even without prior appointment.
  • The Sangath clinic is located in a residential area with pristine surroundings which create an inviting and friendly ambience unlike other medical settings.
  • Sangath respects your privacy and keeps all client information strictly confidential.


  • Sangath adopts an evidence based psychotherapeutic treatment approach which largely consists of “talking treatment??? and medications are prescribed only after a detailed assessment by a psychiatrist is conducted.
  • Though we have a multidisciplinary team at our clinic, you may not always be able to meet the specialists on your first visit. Sangath has a structured assessment system set in place which requires you to meet with a counsellor/psychologist or psychiatric social worker on your first visit to the clinic before being referred to a psychiatrist, developmental paediatrician or occupational therapist.
  • Occasionally the waiting period to meet with a psychiatrist maybe 15 days to a month, in which case the psychologist will give you a directory of other psychiatrists in your vicinity whom you can consult.
  • Though the clinician at Sangath conducts a detailed assessment for academic problems in children and adolescents, we do not provide remedial tutors/educators to help your child learn effective study skills. We do provide supportive counselling and problem-solving strategies to help with the behavioural problems that usually accompany academic difficulties.
  • In the case of children with learning disabilities (LD) the report provided by Sangath after conducting a detailed Intelligence Quotient (IQ) assessment does not make you eligible to avail the concessions from the Directorate of Education in any state in India. However, we can guide you through the process of providing your child with all the help he/she needs in this regard including providing referrals and creating a management plan to approach the Directorate of Education in Goa.
  • The Sangath clinic is closed every Saturday and Sunday.