To promote holistic teaching and inclusive practices in mainstream schools.
The essence of inclusion is feeling comfortable with what or who we are. An inclusive school environment fosters this feeling among all children. It is an environment where all children feel accepted and valued irrespective of what they can or cannot do. Barriers such as religion, socio-economic status, ability or disability have no place in such a setting.

What we did:
The project aimed to create a teaching community sensitive to the needs of all children. Through the Prayas project, teachers in the mainstream school system were equipped with skills on how to include children with diverse learning needs.
The project developed a teacher training package that focused on having teachers understand holistic development in children, accepting individual differences and difficulties that account for scholastic underperformance. The training highlighted the different areas of development and the learning process, differences in the manner of learning and reasons underlying learning difficulties.
We looked at integrating theoretical aspects with curriculum delivery and emphasised the need for schools (the management, teachers and parents) to work as a community.
The project was implemented in close collaboration with the South Education Zone in four schools of south Goa and trained sixty teachers in over fifty sessions.

Quotes from Teachers
“I learn’t about topics that I did not know earlier.??? – Pope John High School, Quepem

“It helped me get over my stage fear. “ – Pope John High School, Quepem

“Such trainings when given on the job help a lot in clarifying doubts immediately. “- Our Lady of Destero High School, Vasco

The Assistant Director, South Education Zone, requested more teachers, especially from government schools to be trained in the following academic year.
The team looked at extending the project so that more schools in both north and south Goa benefit from these innovative and effective learning initiatives.