Our belief in collaborative work with partners at local, national, and international level is the backbone of our growth and success. We continue to forge new and strengthening existing partnerships with government, academic institutions, health care providers, community groups and NGOs to ensure that our work reaches out far and wide.

We are especially pleased with our growing collaboration with education providers in Goa though our school health programme, as well as academic and other institutions at the national and international level through our path breaking research, which is being widely recognised at the global level.

We are especially proud of our partnership with the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine in the UK, and with other institutions in Goa, notably the Directorate of Health Services (Government of Goa) and Goa Medical College.

In 2009, Sangath signed a memorandum of understanding with the Public Health Foundation of India. The MoU outlines the broad framework of understanding between PHFI and Sangath to formally establish continuing collaboration by developing and implementing projects and activities which benefit both parties. A specific example of such an activity are the two short courses Sangath runs in partnership with PHFI.

Through this MoU, Sangath is also a partner of the South Asia Network for Chronic Diseases. SANCD is committed to building international quality research capacity and conduct research on chronic diseases to make an impact on health policy and practice in the region.

Sangath has been listed on the Mental Health Innovation Network website.