A programme on intervention on issues relating to Family Violence.


  • To provide a comprehensive service for families affected by violence including therapy and legal support for women and children and help for perpetrators of violence.
  • To conduct research on the nature and health impact of violence on women and children.

Violence is defined as abuse and pain inflicted on another person. It may arise in varied forms: physical, psychological, verbal or sexual. Violence within the family has emerged as a recurrent theme in much of the work by various professionals at Sangath.

Most commonly, women are the victims of family violence. A small, yet significant number of children may be either victims of abuse or witnesses to violence within the family. These children and families need help to heal from the trauma of violence. It is clear that we need to develop a systematic and clear program which workS with violence at all levels, i.e. prevention and intervention. The Nirmaan Project has been initiated to meet these objectives.

The project provides three major activities: Counselling, Advocacy and Research. Counselling involves a range of interventions directed at the individual and family. Individual therapy, family and marital therapy and when needed, play therapy with child victims are being provided at the Sangath Centre and at the Family Counseling Centre run by AIWC.

Legal and social support is provided when appropriate. Advocacy activities include sensitising various groups in the community, such as the police, clergy and health professionals, on the problem of family violence. We seek to promote protection of women and children, vulnerable to violence, through community forums and to lobby for changes in the policy.

Networks already established include women’s groups, the government agencies working with women and social welfare and the clergy. The third component of the project involves research evaluations of the nature & impact of violence on women’s health and the effect of the intervention offered. This will include the development of appropriate measures of mental health.

A key activity will be documenting the feasibility and outcome of individual or group interventions for male perpetrators of violence and documentation.

Some of the activities conducted by the Nirmaan team

  • Police Sensitization Workshops on the issue of Family Violence
  • Police Sensitization Workshops on Child Sexual Abuse
  • Workshops for Barefoot Counsellors
  • Street Theatre Programme on Family Violence
  • Gender Violence Workshop for Medical professionals and the Police