To create awareness about child sexual abuse in the community especially among teachers of schools and children by developing a parent manual in english and Konkani providing for age differences in children to prevent and deal with child abuse.

Let’s Talk About Safety is a project for prevention of child sexual abuse.

There are cases of child sexual abuse referred to the centre. In many cases children suffer in silence, as they are unable to talk about the abuse with their parents or teachers.

This project aims at sensitising parents and teachers to the issue by developing an easy to read manual, which would help parents initiate a dialogue about sexuality and abuse with their children.

A series of focus group discussions were conducted with parents of children up to 12 years of age by Sangath staff. The parents groups were chosen carefully to represent different strata of society, so that the manual could be useful to parents of diverse backgrounds.

The focus group discussions covered various themes like the need for and use of such a manual, the type of information, illustrations to be included in the manual, the age group of children it should address etc. In-depth interviews were also conducted with parents, general practitioners; paediatricians and teachers.

The structure and contents of the manual were evolved on the basis of the data compiled from the focus group discussions and the interviews.

The first draft of the manual and illustration are being completed. It will be field tested with a few groups of parents and teachers before being finalised.