Interpersonal Psychotherapy

Short Course In
Goa, India
19th – 30th July, 2010
Conducted by Sangath in collaboration with Columbia University Faculty

Interpersonal Therapy (IPT), a time-limited manualised treatment was developed by Gerald L Klerman, Myrna Weissman and colleagues for the treatment of major depression. IPT focuses on the relationship between interactions with various people and how the patient is feeling.
    Thus, understanding the social and interpersonal context of depression is the first step that leads to the development of new ways of dealing with people and situations. Developing these new skills helps reduce the symptoms of the current episode of depression and future vulnerability. In IPT the focal problem area is identified which is one of the following: interpersonal dispute, role transition, grief or interpersonal deficits. Specific therapeutic strategies are then adopted to deal with the identified problem area.
    Though developed primarily as a treatment for depression, IPT has subsequently been adapted and used in the treatment of substance abuse, eating disorders and anxiety disorders. For the treatment of depression, IPT has proven to be as efficacious as other structured psychotherapies such as cognitive behavior therapy.

The resource persons were Lena Verdeli, Gracy Andrew and Neerja Chowdhary supported by Bernadette Pereira , Lourdes Alvares and Bhindhya Chodenkar . There were 25 participants from India as well as neighbouring countries viz. Nepal, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.