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Internships & Fellowships

Want to get involved in our work? Interning at Sangath will open a world of opportunity before you, no matter what stage of your career you are at.

Through the internship programme, you will be able to choose the area of work most suitable to your learning preferences. Not only will you strengthen existing skills, Sangath will also ensure that you develop new ones while you collect enriching experiences on an almost daily basis. You will be given a run-through of the entire organisation right from its various developmental programmes to its work on the field. This will ensure you have access to a vast amount of information acquired from various individuals and research conducted.

We, at Sangath, respect the skills you come with and will be most happy to learn from the previous experiences we hope you will share with us. But remember, we get many applications and are only able to accommodate a few. Please note that the minimum period of an internship is three months, and we’d appreciate if you are very specific regarding your objective when interning. To apply, please write to

See you soon!