FAQs for interns

Interning at Sangath: FAQs for Prospective Applicants
Does Sangath offer internships? If yes, when?

Yes! Sangath has hosted many interns over the past several years. Interns can come at any time of the year, but we expect them to stay for at least 12 weeks.


How do I know Sangath is the right place for me?

 If you are someone who is interested in public health, developing your research skills, or learning how to conduct quality programs in mental health care, interning at Sangath will give you incredible exposure.  There are also other internship opportunities in communications, admin and finance to accommodate the interests and backgrounds of a variety of people looking to work with Sangath.


How do I apply to Sangath?

 First, it is best to have an idea of what kind of work you would like to do while here. Find the application form on the intern application page: http://www.sangath.in/learn-with-us, but also look up different projects in the “what we do” section of the Sangath website. You can then email Sangath for the contact details of the person leading the project(s) you are interested in, to learn more.


What work and training can I expect to be involved in at Sangath?

Usually, you will be assigned to one of Sangath’s ongoing projects. What you do within that project will depend on your learning objectives and the opportunities available during your time at Sangath. Previous work has included qualitative or quantitative data analysis, designing questionnaires or outcome tools, data extraction, contributing to systematic reviews, translation work, and helping write papers for submission to academic journals. Some past interns have even proposed and completed their own independent projects.  The list of potential tasks is as varied as the work that goes on in research.  You will also get opportunities to attend research and clinical meetings once a month and can ask to observe other activities occurring within at Sangath or in the field.


Does Sangath provide any funding or monetary aid for the internship?

 Interns are unpaid and Sangath is not able to provide any monetary aid.  However, previous interns have found ways to fund their time in Goa through fellowships, study abroad programs, and other funding sources. Check with the relevant office at your university far in advance to see if there are any opportunities you should apply for.

For further details please write to us at contactus@sangath.in