Clinical services for the Navy

As part of it’s outreach to organisations and institutes in the community, Sangath was invited by the INHS Jeevanthi to provide and establish counselling services for the naval officers, sailors and their families.

The program began with the training of 20 first line counsellors from the Navy on understanding of mental health and awareness about mental health services.

The individuals who availed of the services first met the counsellor who assessed their problems, provided guidance and referred those who needed professional help to the Sangath clinician who provided psychotherapy and, where needed, referred them to other specialists in Sangath.

The Navy Wives Welfare Association organized a lecture for the families of naval personnel where Dr Gauri Divan made a presentation on “Parenting skills’ and Achira Chatterjee presented on “Mental Health and well-being???. This meeting was attended by over 350 people and the presentation was followed by an interactive discussion.

This project, though only for a year, provided considerable benefits to many families of the Navy.