“She goes to a psychiatrist for treatment; which means she has definitely gone mad”.


“Don’t be such a cry-baby. You are fine, just deal with it”.


“Vidya is a shame to our family and we cannot get her married; only Babaji will know how to take those voices away from her head”.


“Aamir is a weak person, he doesn’t know how to deal with his problems”.


This is how many of us respond to mental illness or to someone with a mental illness. We say such things out of ignorance. The consequences of such ignorance are far too many; one of which is the denial of help to someone who needs it.



One out of seven people in India experience some form of mental health problems.

Mental illness affects people in several ways. It causes emotional distress. It decreases productivity and functioning. It increases risk-taking behaviours and self harm. It reduces the overall quality of life.

It impacts not only the individual experiencing the illness, but also families and the wider society.

However, a large proportion of these people (seven out of ten) do not receive adequate and appropriate care.

There are several reasons for this. India does not have adequate number of mental health professionals. Most mental health professionals are concentrated in urban centres and services provided are expensive. The government does not spend enough money to develop adequate mental healthcare systems. Mental illnesses are stigmatised and hence people avoid seeking help.


Our solution

We will train and supervise members of the local community to deliver mental healthcare at the people’s doorsteps.


Who are we?

Sangath, an NGO headquartered in Goa and spread across various regions in India (including Delhi, Haryana, Maharashtra, and Bihar, amongst others), has 20 years experience of increasing access to mental healthcare delivery using innovative solutions.

In recognition of its work, Sangath has been awarded the MacArthur Foundation International Prize for Creative & Effective Institutions (2008) and World Health Organization’s Public Health Champion award for outstanding contribution to public health in India (2016); and recognised as one of India’s leading public health research institute (2015).


Why do we think we can do this?

Our track record speaks for itself. We have successfully developed, tested and implemented programmes for a range of mental health problems such as depression, dementia, schizophrenia and drinking problems.

Our model programmes are being adopted by various state government e.g. the school counsellor programme in Goa and mental healthcare programme in Madhya Pradesh.


What will we do?

We will set up a mental health service in a relatively remote area in Goa- called Cancacona. Canacona is the southernmost taluka (administrative unit) in Goa, with a population strength of 45,172 individuals, predominantly living in rural areas. The closest facilities where mental health services can be availed of in this community is a psychiatric hospital which is over 60 kilometres from Canacona, and a district hospital which is over 30 kilometres from Canacona.

We will engage extensively with the local community; with the aim of creating awareness about mental health and illness. We will train lay counsellors who will deliver basic mental health care in the community. They will refer people to existing services if there is a need as well. These lay counsellors will deliver the services free of charge, in the homes of people, or any other convenient setting close to their homes.


How will this solve the problem?

People will get mental healthcare at their doorstep.

The service will be free for the beneficiary.

We will not require expensive and scarce specialist healthcare professionals to deliver frontline healthcare services.

The service will be less stigmatising as it will be delivered by locals who are accepted in the community.


How can you help?

Funding! With adequate funds from you, we will be able to run the activities required for the successful delivery of the services described above. Your donation will help us run the clinic for TWO YEARS!!

We urge you to donate some of your hard-earned money, to make a long-lasting impact in the mental health landscape of our communities!


If you support us, what will we achieve together?

We will essentially become a part of a locally driven system where we as agents for change make the idea of ‘making mental health care a reality for all’ happen!


IMPORTANT NOTE: Laws of the land make it mandatory for NGOs to maintain complete details of the foreign donations received, including the identity of the donor. We will be requesting the foreign donors to kindly share their passport numbers for this reason. Rest assured, your details will be saved securely and kept confidentially.



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