Caring for young children is not easy. Caring for young children with autism and other disabilities is even more difficult.

One of the main objectives of Diuli, the daycare centre at Sangath, was to mainstream children with autism into regular schools. However handling them in a regular set up without assistance is difficult and the parents also feel the need of caregivers at home and in school.

To provide this service Sangath undertook the Caregiver level III training program, a scheme of the National Trust for the Welfare of Persons with Autism, Mental Retardation, Cerebral Palsy & Multiple Disabilities. Under this scheme, 10 caregivers were trained to look after young children with disabilities over a period of 6 months, from June to November 2003.

At present nine out of 10 caregivers are in regular employment in schools and homes.

The Caregiver training Scheme has been a logical extension of the respite care provided by Diuli to families of children with autism in Goa.