Beyond Boundaries

Name of the project Beyond Boundaries
Project tagline Helping Teachers Bridge the Gap
Funder Colorcon Asia Pvt. Ltd., Verna
Years active Apr 2015 – till date (ongoing)
Principal Lead Percy Cardozo
Key Staff
  • Preethy Ani Jose, Project Coordinator
  • Palavi Komarpant, Intervention Officer
  • Rajesh Nayak, Intervention Officer
  • Slaney Rodrigues, Intervention Officer
  • Megan Lopes Eden, Remedial Teacher
  • Gaushabanu Bahur, Remedial Teacher
  • Seema Kanolkar, Admin Support
  • John D’Souza, Admin Support
Contact person  Percy Cardozo (
Description of the project The main aim of Beyond Boundaries project is to help schools create an enabling and inclusive environment for all children and create a model for inclusive education. The project is being undertaken with support from Colorcon Asia Pvt. Ltd., Verna since April 2015. Since inception the project has worked with more than 45 schools spread across Goa to sensitise and empower teachers to manage a multi-ability classroom. The team has closely worked with heads of schools and teachers to understand the needs of their students and challenges for schools in implementing inclusive education. Through the learning from the 4-year engagement with schools, the project team is in the process of compiling comprehensive procedural guideline for inclusion with active involvement from all stakeholders.

The teacher training intervention that had adopted a workshop based Train the Trainer (TOT) model in the first year of its implementation has evolved into a demonstrative training through the delivery of remedial education sessions by Sangath trained remedial teachers.

In the first phase (April 2015 to March 2018) the project worked with 25 schools in south Goa. In the second phase (April 2018 onwards) the project functioned in 23 schools in the two districts of Goa with permission of the Samagra Shiksha. At present the program is running to 4 schools and supporting special educators.