ATMAN is a 5-year research project to develop an intervention to reduce self-harm in adolescents and young adults in India.



 The rates of suicide in India have shifted with economic development with a rising rate of suicide evident in young men and women. Suicide has overtaken maternal causes globally as a major cause of death in young women. Self-harm is a strong antecedent of suicide. WHO recommends psychosocial interventions to reduce the burden of suicide. However, there are very few evidence-based interventions available to target this public health challenge. ATMAN project will develop and evaluate an intervention to reduce self-harm in youth in India



The goal of ATMAN is to develop and evaluate a psychosocial intervention program for self-harm in adolescents and young adults that can be delivered by counsellors.



The project involves two phases over five years:

  • Intervention Design and Development: Development of theoretical framework and design of the intervention.
  • Evaluation: Randomised Controlled Trial evaluating the effectiveness of the intervention in reducing recurrence of self-harm and emotional and behavioural problems associated with it.



Dr Shilpa Aggarwal |



 Public Health Foundation of India, Delhi NCR, 47,

Sector 44, Gurgaon, Haryana 122003