Sangath’s organisational structure is governed by the Societies Act of 1860 as a non-governmental organisation (NGO) which mandates two key governance bodies: a) The General Body, and b) The Managing Committee.

Central Administration

A well-oiled administration has ensured that all our activities are conducted cohesively and efficiently, complying with the rules of the Societies Act. Sangath’s team strives towards implementing the best practices with complete transparency in financial management by providing specific responsibilities to key members.

The Senior Management Team is formed of a representative each from the Managing Committee, Finance, Administration and the three main areas of Sangath’s work – Child Development, Adolescent & Youth Health, and Adult Mental Health. The term parallels that of the Managing Committee.

The team provides assistance in drafting the policies and protocols of the organisation with respect to administration, finance and human resources; assess and recommend increments and redress grievances with respect to increments; suggest changes to the administrative structure as required; conduct initial screening and recommending new project proposals; and handle financial matters in the range of Rs 5,000- Rs 10,000.

The Senior Management Team meets every month to discuss organisational and management issues and develop appropriate policies. The recommendations are sent to the Managing Committee for approval. The Senior Management Team acts as a link between coordinators, service providers and the Managing Committee.

Administrators take Sangath through its daily working, looking into human resource policies and procedures, producing newsletters and biennial reports, and ensuring the website is updated.

Sangath’s financial position and management is dealt with by its Finance Officer and her team, who prepare project accounts for donors and annual audits for the General Body and auditors.

The IT Officer makes sure the Sangath domain and in-house network run without any glitches, and importantly, maintains systems to ensure the integrity, reliability and security of data and communications.

Project Implementation

The Principal Investigator conceptualises the project, guides and develops the proposal and secures funding for the work. S/he looks after the overall implementation of the project, but hands daily responsibility and management of specific services or research goals to coordinators.

Coordinators take the project forward through planned strategies and goals, various activities which they monitor and keep a sharp eye on the budget. Meetings with the team at least once a month ensure the projects are under appropriate supervision, while specific monitoring and evaluation strategies help maintain high standards of work.

Funders and collaborators also visit Sangath and meet with those responsible to further review the organisation’s work.

Sangath would not be the successful NGO it is today without its service providers, who work on specific responsibilities in different projects and in the central administration. As on July 3, 2012, the total human resources strength at Sangath numbered 101, with 92 people working full time and nine part time. Staff welfare, project updates and team building exercises are looked after at a service providers’ meeting held once in three months. Click here for a list of our service providers

The Coordinators Group comprising the coordinators and senior administrative personnel who meet once a month to discuss organisational and management issues and develop appropriate policies. Recommendations by this group are forwarded to the MC for a final decision.

Clinical and research meetings are held every month which helps share experiences across projects and further professional development. At clinical meetings, cases are presented and clinical audits carried out. At research meetings, presentations on new projects, findings of research studies or research methods are presented.