Finance & IT

A transparent and accountable financial management system is one of the hallmarks of Sangath’s organisation. With the help of external and internal auditors and based on guidelines provided after a comprehensive audit by international firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers in 2007, we have developed a smooth and transparent system of financial management.
Our finance team monitors the position of all projects, including current and forecasted expenditure, and enforces strict procedures to ensure complete transparency. Detailed standard operating procedures for all types of financial transactions can be found in the financial manual.Here are some of the salient features of Sangath’s financial management system.
Clear guidelines
Our finance manual contains a list of accounting policies strictly followed at the time of purchase and sale of assets, investment of funds, travel reimbursement, settlement of advances, usage of mobile phones, etc.

Authorisation of expenses
All project and society expenses up to Rs 5,000 are approved by the coordinators. Those more than Rs 5,000 and up to Rs 10,000 must be approved by the Finance Officer. Those more than Rs 10,000 and up to Rs 20,000 are approved by the SMT and those above Rs 20,000 are approved by the Managing Committee. The Finance Officer seeks prior approval from funders in the case of any variation from budgeted figures.

Every project coordinator is updated monthly with a statement of expenses incurred and information on budgetary variations. The Finance Officer meets individual coordinators if project funds are not managed efficiently, while the Managing Committee also keeps a check on expenditures while giving approvals. This ensures that all funds are constantly monitored by the Managing Committee, coordinators and Finance Officer.

Monitoring by auditors
All financial transactions are scrutinised every quarter by an internal auditor, who updates the Managing Committee. Funds are also audited annually by a statutory auditor, who raises any issues with the finance officer and the Managing Committee for action.

Insurance coverage and safeguarding of fixed assets

While insurance cover is taken for cash at safe and in transit, Sangath also covers all assets through equipment insurance, following strict procedures with regard to procuring, numbering and physical verification of fixed assets at the end of each financial year.

Administrative costs
Up to 10 per cent of running costs of projects, in agreement with the funding agency, go towards supporting the core administrative expenses of the society. This helps pay for facilities, including administrative and management support services, and capacity building for long-term sustainability.

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Sangath has pioneered the use of handheld computers for field data collection. Field researchers use palm handheld devices to collect data which generates a spreadsheet ready to be imported in commonly used analysis software.
This mobile technology has improved the efficiency of field data collection by saving on data entry time and reducing data collection and entry errors. Smita Naik was invited by the Society of Applied Studies, New Delhi, to assist them in testing the feasibility of using Palm tops in a multicenter study coordinated by the World Health Organization.

We have recently developed an online clinical record software, which allows clinicians to enter key information about patients. The software will also allow any Sangath clinician to access clinical records from any location through the internet and to permit our clinical team to carry out audits of our clinical work on a regular basis with just a click of the mouse.
The IT infrastructure at Sangath is simple, smart and secure. It consists of a primary server which manages all the client computers and network peripherals.
Anyone trying to access resources from the server must be authenticated by the active directory before access is allowed. A backup procedure is followed by running a scheduled backing up every day.
The Sangath network is located at the Porvorim centre and one at the Raia centre. Sangath has over 50 network points installed and approximately 65 network users. Both our offices have broadband internet connectivity connection.