Registrations for LMH 2019 are now open!

We are accepting applications to register for the ‘Leadership in Mental Health’ course 2019. For the course website, please visit Click here to know more.

PRIME project in London

Sangath will host an event in London on March 8 to discuss findings and recommendations from its PRIME project. ( If you will be in the city around that time, join in with your friends and family to be a

Sangath and Manipal University sign MoU

Sangath and Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to recognise Sangath as a centre to award Ph.D. degrees to candidates engaged in public health research. The MoU is valid for a period of

ARG’s 2018 in review

Sangath’s Addictions Research Group (ARG) has published a short report about their activities in 2018. Click here to read it.

An inspiring story of recovery and transformation

Sangath’s primary role as a mental health research organisation is well-known globally. However, how often do you hear about its clinical services? Below is a story of a 32-year old woman and how Sangath helped in her journey of transformation.

Sangath celebrates MindScope 2018

For the third year in a row, Sangath and Trimit Trust came together to jointly organise MindScope, a film festival founded with the resolve to focus on mental health issues. Many dignitaries from cinema and mental health were present at

Sangath’s Dr. Amit Dias wins Goa state award

Dr. Amit Dias, Sangath’s former chairperson, and a general body member has been selected for Goa state award for his outstanding contribution to social work. Dr. Dias is a recognised name in the field of Dementia research and has been

Sangath launches its capacity building program for clinicians in Goa

To empower clinicians in Goa, Sangath will partner with Antarman* to conduct a capacity building workshop on 15 Dec 2018. Needs-based training in Evidence-based skills through Peer-based learning The workshop will be conducted by Prof. Richard Velleman from Bath University/Sangath